Vision Quest

On a solo road trip the past few weeks, this poem came to me while driving the primal landscapes of central Wyoming. I was on my way from Loveland, Colorado, where I had been visiting my daughter Kristin and new granddaughter Neve, headed toward a reunion with a friend in Montana. The trip had the flavor of a vision quest, a time in between, a time of unknowing about what is coming next in my life, a time of reckoning with the paradox of aging within a world that is always youthful and ancient at the same time. 


Driving into dawn

The tundra of central Wyoming

Wind River Reservation

Somewhere between Arapahoe and Shoshoni


Scour of wind

East flanks of Yellowstone

Distant across an ancient sea

Still holding to winter


The land coming of age

Just like me

Old age

Bathed in beauty


And stark limits

Ravenous. Unsettled. 

Nothing but open road