Mindfulness Coaching Provides Mentoring and Support


Follow up support from a teacher, including one-on-one conversations, is important for continued growth.

My mindfulness coaching service is for people beginning a mindfulness practice, or who already have some experience with practice and wish to go deeper through personal coaching. It is appropriate for former students of mine, as well as for people who do not currently have the support of a regular teacher.

It is often difficult to establish a vibrant or consistent practice at home, or on one's own, without the support of a teacher. This is especially true with mindfulness programs like MBSR (Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction), which often do not include ongoing support from a teacher once classes or trainings have ended.

My credentials as a coach include 40 years of meditation training in the Zen tradition, and a background as an ordained United Church of Christ minister, with a Master of Divinity degree from Harvard Divinity School. I do not assume any religious affiliation, Buddhist or otherwise, though the application of practice to an existing faith tradition, if applicable, can also be a fruitful dimension of the coaching process. I have been a mindfulness teacher for twenty-five years in a variety of contexts, with clients ranging from veterans with PTSD to clergy and rabbis, physicians, activists, educators and psychotherapists. I have led mindfulness-based kayaking retreats in Alaska since 1994, and am certified as a Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) teacher through the Center for Mindfulness in Medicine at the University of Massachusetts Medical School. I have also received training as a co-active coach through the Mindfulness Coaching School.

As a coach I will be joining with you as a partner in your own deepening understanding.

Since the practice of mindfulness includes all aspects of our lives, and not just time spent in retreat or on the cushion, as a coach I will be joining with you as a partner in your own deepening understanding of the purpose of practice, and in the integration of practice into everyday life. 

Mindfulness coaching is not therapy. It is not based on the assumption that we need “fixing”, but rather that each of us is already naturally creative, resourceful and whole. Coaching can help uncover that wholeness, and deepen our core commitment to practice, expressing that commitment in widening circles that encompass our aspect of our lives.

I utilize online scheduling and payment, and offer a sliding scale from $75-$125 for hour-long sessions. Some scholarship assistance can be arranged if necessary by request. Sessions are generally done online, using Zoom technology, though one can also choose to do coaching sessions by phone if that is more comfortable for you. I can also do sessions in person for those who live in my local community on Whidbey Island.

New clients can schedule an initial 20-minute session (free of charge) to discuss how these sessions work and whether this is a good fit for you.