Choosing Our All-Electric Car

Well, we're still a two car family. But that's where the resemblance ends. Sally and I wanted to be "early adapters" on the new electric vehicle bandwagon. We've just traded our old Volvo station wagon in for a new "Misubishi Innovative Electric Vehicle", or Miev for short. Sounds a bit like a something from the Russian artillery, but we're keen on the fact that the Miev is the most efficient all-electric vehicle currently on the market. As a zero emissions vehicle, it is rated at 112 mpg-equivalent, and even when taking into account CO2 emissions from the power plants that generate the power needed for charging the car, it emits only 30% of the CO2 of a gasoline minicar. The Miev has a 65 mile range on a full charge, which gets us most everywhere we need to go on the island, and with its Quick Charge port, we'll be able to recharge in half an hour at public charging stations when we take it for longer trips. Sally and I also liked the Miev price tag. It comes in about $8,000 cheaper than the Nissan Leaf, or around $22,000 when you factor in the $7,500 tax credit from the IRS. It still comfortably holds four passengers, but beyond that, its not trying to mimic a full size American sedan. I like the fact that the Miev makes a statement on first glance that it is a different kind of vehicle. It is small, functional, and extremely efficient, all of which are qualities that I think we have to move toward as fast as possible in our personal transportation choices. As our second car, our Prius now graduates to the status of SUV. And between the two we'll get an average of 81 mpg. That makes a lot of sense to me in a time when gas prices are $4.00 and rising fast.

I'm still committed to riding my bike whenever possible, both because I feel great when I'm riding, and because my bike runs circles around even the best electric vehicle at 1000 mpg-equivalent. But when I do have to drive, there is a certain peace of mind that comes from using the best available technology in a time when cutting CO2 emissions really, truly matters.

So far I'm really impressed with the experience of driving our new electric car.