Equipment/Packing List

While on the paddle we will need to travel light, while still covering the basics for staying warm and dry. Inside Passages will provide you with waterproof boots at the lodge. We will also provide dry bags" or packing your gear when kayaking. Plan to bring your own rain jacket and rain pants, or buy them in Petersburg if you don’t have an adequate rain gear already. Plan to bring nylon or fleece pants, and fleece or wool jacket and sweater. Polypropylene or fleece long underwear works well in wet conditions. Apart from your travel clothing, cotton is a poor choice in wet, cool conditions. 
Weather in July and August is generally warm and sporadically sunny (temperature in the 50's to 70's during the day, and 40’s or 50's at night). It can also be wet, breezy and cool. Please take care to have all the essentials from the list. 
Additional Note: Some retreats include a two-night camping trip and some don’t. If your trip does not include the camping trip, you will not need sleeping bag and sleeping pads. Refer to your specific retreat orientation letter to determine if your retreat includes the camping experience. 

Plan to Bring:

The following is a recommended list of items you should plan to bring; 

  • Rain jacket & pants – Gortex or similar) waterproof jacket, or plastic coated nylon. (Rain gear can also be purchased in Petersburg if you arrive on the AM flight.)

  • Waterproof boots provided at lodge. Please let us know your boot size.

  • (For retreats with camping trip only) Sleeping bag with stuff sack and plastic bag. Line stuff sack with small kitchen-size trash bag, and re-stuff sleeping bag in plastic-lined stuff sack, to keep it dry during camping trip.

  • (For retreats with camping trip only) Sleeping pad (Insulite or similar) to double as pad for meditation while camping)

  • Sandals are recommended. Paddle boots not needed.

  • Emphasize polar fleece, wool & nylon or polypropylene clothing, rather than cotton.

  • Pants - 1 pair fleece, 1 pair nylon pants

  • Shorts - 1 pair

  • Long Johns - 1 pair, polypropylene, fleece or silk

  • Shirt - 1 fleece under layer

  • Shirt - 1 fleece over layer or sweater

  • Wool sweater - optional (Wool stays warm even when wet).

  • Jacket - Polar fleece recommended (wool acceptable)

  • Underwear - several pair, non-cotton if possible

  • T-Shirts (cotton okay for sunny weather)

  • Socks – 2 - 4 pair wool or poly heavy

  • Socks - 2 pair lightweight

  • Hats - 1 billed cap for sun, 1 warm hat to cover ears

  • Gloves - 1 pair lightweight wool or fleece

  • Large and small towel (for shower and sauna at the lodge)

  • Sunglasses

  • Sunscreen, lip balm & insect repellent

  • Personal hygiene kit (First Aid kit will be available in general supplies)

  • Small flashlight or headlamp

  • Pocket knife (optional)

  • Water bottle

  • Small binoculars & camera (Optional)