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INSIDE PASSAGES RELEASE OF LIABILITY I understand that my Inside Passages sea kayaking trip will take place in a remote coastal area of Southeast Alaska. In traveling to and from trip locations, and during the remote portion of the trip itself, I understand that there are inherent hazards, including but not limited to inclement weather, rough seas, tidal currents, collision and cold water, illness, injury, and death. I understand that in these circumstances Inside Passages cannot be the guardian of my safety and I hereby personally assume all of the risks and dangers, whether described herein or not, in connection with the kayak trip in which I will participate. I hereby expressly and irrevocably release Inside Passages, Inc., its Board, Directors, employees, and agents from any claims, expenses, or damages of whatever nature that may arise from the trip or related activities, including but not limited to claims resulting from my personal injury, death, property loss, or other damages, whether foreseeable or no, except those caused by the sole negligence of Inside Passages personnel or guides. I hereby bind not only myself, but also my estate, heirs, successors and assigns to the terms of this Safety Statement and Release. I understand that I am responsible for my own medical insurance and medical expenses should injury or illness occur on the trip. I further understand that I am responsible for any costs associated with emergency evacuation, or additional travel costs if I leave the trip prior to completion. No refunds for canceled arrangements shall be made due to weather, travel delays, substitution of accommodations, or other facilities equipment. *